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Intelligent fluid type polariz

Intelligent fluid type polariz


Intelligent fluid type polarization probe (patent number:ZL 2013 3 0560408.0,passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system cetification, Shenzhen 863 Testing Center test report) is shorted for intelligent polarization probe.By internal intelligent hydraulic control system and directional fluid device,it can timely supply electrolyte to reactivate probe, sevice life is up to 20 years.The test probe can reduce the IR of the channels to the minimum and is completely free from the influence of stray current interference, and easy to detect the power potential and pipe polarization potential, and the region with stray current interference where can not be detected before is detected.

Application scope
● For accurate measurement of cathodic protection polarization potential in buried pipelines and underground metallic structures;
● For accurate measurement of cathodic protection potencialin serious stray current interferencearea.
● Used as potencial controlled signal source inimpressed current cathodic protection system;
● Used in large tanks, underground fuel depots, chemical storage tanks and urban buried pipeline, it can be pre-embedded during construction period with long-term service ;
● Telemetry signal source in the pipeline cathodic protection intellgent detection system. 

● Intelligent polarization probe is tested by polarization specimen, the electrodes are not prone to polarize, electrode potential is stable and measurement results are more accurate;
● Intelligent polarization probe electrode has strong anti-interference capacity with high precision polarization potential;
● Small size, easy to install, once installed with long-term service;
● Intelligent polarization probe has intelligent hydraulic control system and directional fluid device, when the internal electrolyte materialized loss to a certain level, pilot devices shall automatically alarm, probe can be reactivated by timely supplyment of electrolyte;
● Sevice life is up to 20 years.

Main technical parameters
● Electrode potential: the standard hydrogen electrode potential is +316 mV/25 ℃, the potential error is less than 5mV; 
● Electrode Resistance: 50 ~ 100Ω;
● Current density: current density flowing through the electrodes is no more than 10uA/cm ²; 
● Potential drift: less than ± 10mV .
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