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Oil and gas pipelines composite materials ground sign

Oil and gas pipelines composite materials ground sign

Oil and gas pipelines composite materials ground sign (passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system cetification, Xi’an United Nation Quality Detection test report)refer to three posts& one signboard. It is commonly used in the oil and gas pipelines, water pipelines, electricity, telecommunications, railways and other route instructions & warning. Both operators can make clear the position & route of the pipeline, but to make the public and unit & personnel which will construct along the pipeline route around a certain distance range, understand the pipeline location effectively, prevent the accident caused by third-party damage which ensure the safe operation of the pipeline.

Application scope

● Mileage post

Mileage post is used to mark the pipeline route and mileage. It is set above the midline of pipeline, surrendered to stand up every 1km, labeled pipeline name, pipeline transmission media, pipeline mileage, management unit, contact telephone.

● Marker Post

Marker Post is used for marking of buried pipeline steering, pipeline and ground engineering (underground hidden objects) cross connection, management units, pipeline structural changes (diameter, wall thickness, fences), pipe ancillary facilities. It is including wear (across) the post (rivers, roads, railways, and tunnels), cross-post (pipeline crossing, cable crossover, and power cable crossover), dividing line post, and facilities post.

● Additional stake

Additional stake are placed between two adjacent mileage piles, buried by a certain distance pipelines which is used to confirm the trend, pipeline depth shallow ditches, without making heavy vehicles by road culvert pipe protection, pipeline through densely populated areas and other special locations.

● Warning Signboard

Warning signs include a single column and double-column, it is used for prevent the consequences of pipeline safety matters for high-risk & high consequence areas. It is set in the pipeline crossing medium-sized rivers, roads, railways, tunnels, reservoirs and flood zone near , canals, densely populated areas, natural and geological disaster-prone areas, mined-out area, a third-party areas such as construction activity is frequent lots

● The product has good corrosion resistance, aging resistance performance, it can adapt to harsh environments and places. The printed word of surface is obvious, strong, and have luminous effect, maintenance-free within five years.
● This product has light weight, easy handling, and installation and reduced construction costs. Strong impact resistance whiles no recovery value.
● This product has excellent insulation properties, can maintain good dielectric properties, and produce no interference for the cathodic protection system.

Main parameters




Project Name




阻燃性能Flame retardant(%)




拉伸强度Tensile Strength(MPa)




冲击强度Impact strength(KJ/m³)




耐腐分级Corrosion Classification

Above level 9

ASTM anti corrosion composite index


耐候性能Weathering Performance

Above level one


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