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Bonding type super strong anti

Bonding type super strong anti

Bonding type super strong antiseptic adhesive tape
ZD-JH-II key combined type super anticorrosive tape is a use of the bond reaction principle, than other anticorrosive tape has more high strength bonding degree (including low and high temperature adhesive strength) of, can completely resist the soil shearing action, and having a flexible application of individual anticorrosive tape.
1Without sand blasting, the bottom surface treatment 2requirement is lower, ST2 level.
3Wide temperature range, -30 - 80.
4The primer can be directly bonded to 3PE, FBE, liquid epoxy coating, asphalt, PP and other coatings by increasing the bond strength between the primer and the chemical reaction.
5With dual characteristics of pressure sensitive and low surface tension, more than 5 times higher than the traditional adhesive force.
6Having the same chemical stability, excellent corrosion resistance, and reliability of butyl rubber materials.
7Minor mechanical damage can be self repair
8Peel strength at any time increased with the increase of time, not aging, the service life of more than 40 years.
product form
Adhesive tape provided by volume, 20m per reel fixed length. 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 300mm four width specifications. From the type material: glassine paper. Vacuum packaging, carton packaging. Each package 10m2, supporting materials include: special primer (with heat transmission pipelines and cold pipeline transport).
Pipeline anti corrosion layer overhaul, local repair, elbow anti-corrosion layer production, pipeline repair, the new pipeline construction.
application reference
1Construction environment: -30 C can be construction. The rain and snow weather, RH = 85% or surface water pipeline construction
2Surface treatment: in addition to clean, FBE, 3PE anticorrosion layer reached hand wipe ash free can be must or tar epoxy coal tar enamel, surface derusting grade reaches ST2 surface, no floating, no grease;
3Priming paint: can not be diluted, can not leak coating, dry film thickness of 25 microns or more, 30 minutes after the dry surface covered with tape
4The use of adhesive tape: large tension manual winding, adhesive tape on the film can not be opened when the film can not be opened
5Quality inspection: the quality inspection should be carried out after 24 hours after the tape winding. The tensile speed of the peel strength should be 100mm/min
6Storage and transport: indoor 10-35 C storage, away from fire, not exposure, flooding, rain, frozen storage period: 18 months.
 Technical parameter
No Item Parameter data
1 Applied Temperature -30℃–+70℃
2 Membrane Tensile Strength,MPa ≥25
3 Membrane Fracture Elongation,% ≥200
4 Peel Strength(23℃) Steel ≥60
3PE ≥60
FBE ≥60
Primer Steel ≥60(coverage rate100%)
Peel Strength(0℃) Steel ≥70
3PE ≥70
FBE ≥70
Primer Steel ≥70
Peel Strength(70℃) Steel ≥8
3PE ≥8
FBE ≥8
Primer Steel ≥8
5 Trickle Down(85℃,72h) No
6 Volume Resistivity,Ω·m 1×1012
7 Heat aging(2400h,70℃) Coverage Rate≥90%
8 Water Absorption,% ≤0.05
9 Hot Water Immersion(70℃,120d) No Change
10 Cathode Stripping,mm(65℃,1.5V,30d) ≤10
11 Shock resistance of anti corrosion layer ,J ≥6
12 Chemical Resistance(90d) 10%HCL No change
10%NaOH No Change
10%NaCL No Change
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