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Deep well anode

Deep well anode

The Ruidesen deep well anode(passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system cetification) adopts advanced technology, it is made of precious metal oxide anode or high silicon cast iron anode according to the requirment. The precious metal oxide anode is a new type consisting of titanium base and iridium or platinum metal oxide coating, etc. It possess the features of high reliability, long sevice life, adjustable output voltage and current and simple maintence.

Application scope
● Uesd in buried steel long-distance pipelines, metallic structures, hydropower projects with high soil resistivity;
● Applied to regional protection of buried metallic structures in the urban network, the valve chamber and station

● Small construction area, low anode ground resistance, release current balanced, small interfering, energy conservation and explosion-proof;
● Minimal impact on non-protectedunderground steel structure , small investment.

Main  technical  parameters
● Precious metal oxide anode size:Ф25mm×1000mm;
● Annual consumption rate of precious metal oxide anode≤6mg/A•a;
● Prepackaged anode body:Ø219mmx6000mmx5mm-- 20# steel;
● Anode connection cable: YJV0.6/1KV 1x16mm²;
● The contact resistance of the cable connected to the anode:<0.01Ω。

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