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Transformer rectifier

Transformer rectifier

The Ruidesen ZD series of transformer rectifier (passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system cetification) are produced with germany advanced technology absorbed, realize the remote control and remote function conversion. The product has stable performance, output current and voltage , anti-interference, low noise, long service life.

Application scope
ZD series of transformer rectifiers are kind of automatic control rectifiers, used as electrical power unit of impressed current cathodic protection system in buried steel pipeline and metallic structures.   

● ZD series of transformer rectifiers have the functions of lightning protection, anti-frequency interference, error alarm;
● The running state of ZD series of transformer rectifiers can automatically switch. When the constant potential failures, automatically switches to the constant current working state;
● Full load efficiency (complete machine efficiency)≥90%;
● Outage testing function: On-off time can be adjusted by the user, the default setting is for 12 seconds on, 3 seconds off or 4 seconds on, 1 seconds off;
● Running parameter self-holding function: After recovering power, the instrument automatically starts running in the original setting parameters; 
● Supporting remote analog signal synchronous on-off  and remote control;
● Temperature protection: when the temperature of transformer rectifier inclosure reaches 65 ℃, the draught fan runs at full speed; when temperature reaches 85 ℃, it automatically stop to cooling itself;
● Under/over voltage protection: When the input voltage exceeds or lowers 30% of the rated, stop running. For DC power supply system, the input voltage exceeds or lowers 10% of the rated, equipment stops running.The equipment aotomatically swiching to the normal working state after protection condition recovering;
● Lightning protection: with lightning protection measures in the transformer rectifier  input, output, reference junction; 
● Reference interference protection: with reference interference protection in the reference junction, to ensure stable running of the reference junction.

Main technical parameters
● Transformer rectifier controlling reference potential adjustment range: -3000mV~ 0mV;
● Potential controlling precision: ≤±5mV; 
● Reference input impedance: ≥2ΜΩ;
● Current flowing through the reference electrode: ≤1µA; 
● Half load output ripple coefficient: ≤1%
● Constant current controlling precision: ≤1%;
● Reference potential error alarm: ±50mV; 
● Anti-50Hz interference: ≥30V;
● Anti-DC interference: ≥24V;
● Insulation resistance: >50 MΩ;
● Noise: ≤65db.

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