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Reference Electrode

Reference Electrode

The Ruidesen reference electrode (passed GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 certificate of quality management system cetification, Shenzhen 863 Testing Center test report) is an ideal buried type reference electrode which has reasonable structure, reliable performance and long life and used to detect the cathodic protection potencial of buried steel pipeline and metallic structure. Our reference electrodes can be divided into Cu/CuSo4 reference electrode and high purity zinc reference electrode. Cu/Cuso4 reference electrode including the permanent reference electrode and portable reference electrode with a wide range applications on cathodic protection system of buried steel pipeline and metallic structures.

Application scope
● ZD series of reference electrodes are used as potential control source for impressed current cathodic protection system;
● ZD series of reference electrodes are used to detect reference potential of buried pipeline, large tanks, underground fuel tanks, chemical storage tanks and buried metallic structures; 
● Cu/CuSo4 reference electrode can be more used in fresh water type soil enviroment; While high purity zinc reference electrode can be more used in sea water type soil enviroment.

● Firm structure, corrosion resistant joints, uniform leakage of microporous membrane; 
● Easy to use, the electrode is not prone to polarize, stable electrode potential.

Main technical parameters
● ZD series of Cu/CuSo4 reference electrodes
Electrode : copper material purity ≥ 99.7%; 
Current density flowing through the copper electrode ≥ 5uA/cm2; 
Potential with respect to the standard hydrogen electrode 316mV/25 ℃, potential error ≥ 5mV.

● ZD series of high purity zinc reference electrodes
As to the Cuso4 electrode potential of -850mV, zinc reference electrode potential is +250 mV(25℃);
Zinc electrode of the Zinc reference electorde is made from high pruity zinc, Zinc purity 99.995%.

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